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Vaporizador CRAFTY

229 €

299 € Poupe 70 €

Vaporizador CRAFTY - Pode usar com seu smartphone!
Vaporizador CRAFTY - Pode usar com seu smartphone! Crafty Vaporizer - Top Vaporizador CRAFTY - Câmara de enchimento inteligente Crafty Vaporizer - Parts Vaporizador CRAFTY - Acessórios incluídos Crafty Vaporizer - Size

229 €

299 € Poupe 70 €

229 €

299 € Poupe 70 €

Garantimos que terá as últimas/mais recentes versões dos vaporizadores. Recebemos este stock de Vaporizador CRAFTY a 06 nov. 2019.

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Feito por Storz & Bickel, o Vaporizador CRAFTY irá certamente estabelecer uma nova fasquia para vaporizadores portáteis. Medindo apenas 11,0 x 5,7 x 3,3 cm, é um dos vaporizadores mais pequenos, mas não deixe o tamanho enganar você: o CRAFTY pode produzir um vapor denso e visível em 60 segundos!

Ele é excelente graças a seu controle com um só botão, mas usuários avançados também poderão ajustá-lo segundo suas preferências através do aplicativo smartphone. O vaporizador CRAFTY combina uma estrutura compacta com uma única bateria de Lítio-Íony que permite vaporizar por até 45 minutos em uma só carga!

Visto que é feito pelas mesmas pessoas que criaram o vaporizador Volcano, você pode estar certo de que o vaporizador CRAFTY usa apenas os componentes de maior qualidade. Se algo acontecer, pode ter certeza de que Storz & Bickel dá a todos seus clientes uma garantia de dois anos.

Se você está em busca de uma bateria de maior duração e da possibilidade de usar com uma bateria totalmente descarregada, veja o irmão mais velho de CRAFTY -  o vaporizador MIGHTY.


  • Alarme vibratório
  • Pesa apenas 135g
  • Controle com um só botão
  • Convecção de ar quente
  • Uma só bateria de lítio-íon
  • Permutador de calor de alta eficiência
  • Controle de temperatura preciso
  • Aplicativo Bluetooth sem fios multifunções
  • Desligamento automático


  • Adaptador
  • Carregador
  • Cabo USB
  • Bloco de Líquidos
  • 3x Filtro
  • Grinder
  • Suporte de Enchimento
  • Anéis de Selagem
  • Manual de instruções


Controle com Um Só Botão

A estrutura compacta do CRAFTY, com uma só bateria de Lítio-Íon é complementada por um controle prático com um só botão; você liga o CRAFTY com um só clique no botão. Ele então aquece automaticamente até atingir a temperatura básica padrão definida de 180°C. Com um duplo clique no botão, você ativa a temperatura intensificada de 195°C. Quando a temperatura de vaporização definida é atingida, isso é assinalado com uma curta vibração dupla e com a luz do indicador LED: A luz LED muda de cor de vermelho para verde.


Aplicativo de Smartphone

Uma funcionalidade única do CRAFTY é a possibilidade de conectá-lo a seu smartphone através de seu aplicativo grátis. O Aplicativo de Controle Remoto CRAFTY grátis permite que você defina a temperatura básica e intensificada de seu aparelho conforme suas preferências pessoais. Entre outras coisas, o aplicativo permite que você leia o estado de carga da bateria em seu smartphone, que ligue e desligue a função de vibração do CRAFTY e que ative um alarme e função de vibração para seu smartphone.


O Aplicativo de Controle Remoto CRAFTY pode ser baixado no Google Play ou iTunes.


Eficiência & Eficácia

O CRAFTY usa aquecimento tanto por convecção como por condução para garantir uma vaporização eficiente e completa durante qualquer sessão. A eficiente troca de calor permite que o CRAFTY rapidamente produza vapor visível, e o aplicativo permite que o usuário altere as definições de aquecimento conforme sua preferência, de modo a cria o vapor perfeito para qualquer pessoa.


O Vaporizador CRAFTY é enviado com dois anos de garantia do fabricante, limitada ao uso normal.


Informação Adicional

Pode vaporizar Combinações Aroma, Óleos, Ceras
Fabricante Storz & Bickel
Dimensão (comprimento x largura x altura) 5,7 x 3,3 x 11,0 cm
Peso do Vaporizador 135 g
Estilo Preto
Fonte de Energia Bateria
Elemento de Aquecimento Aquecimento por convecção combinada com condução
Método de Libertação de Vapor Direto
País de Fabrico Alemanha
Garantia 2 anos

Avaliações de Vaporizador CRAFTY

Classificação Média :

4.4 Baseado em 38 classificações
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Like silk!

Sooo smooth! I mean, what else can you expect from a Storz & Bickel product? This is really a quality device that will give you the best and most enjoyable vaping experience. The Crafty remains unmatched in terms of vapor quality among other portable vapes. It is also very easy to use and the temperature controls are so accurate, it adds to the convenience of using this vape. It also has a mobile app that I rarely use, but still appreciate. The flavor from this vape is excellent and every person that has tried my crafty was impressed by it.

Looks 3 - Performance 10(!)

Not the best looking portable vape, but certainly is the most hard-hitting amongst them all. The crafty is efficient, precise, and one of the best dry herb vaporizers. I love the mouthpiece and I’m really happy that it doesn’t get hot throughout the session, unlike other vapes. I always get cool, smooth vapor from the Crafty. I spend a little extra with this device because I just buy another top piece when it gets dirty and especially when I’m feeling lazy. This is a low maintenance, high-functioning product. What more could I ask for? The crafty is a perfect fit for me and vaping needs.

It is perfect.

Sandor Clegane
One of the reasons why it is still good as new is because I take good care of it, and it is easy to do with the crafty. I never forget to remove the vaped herb to prevent it from sticking to the chamber. That way, it is so much easier. This device is easy to clean and to maintain since it is easy to take apart and put back again. Loading and reloading is also a breeze. For its price, it is imperative to always take good care of the crafty so it continues to work at its best, and with the proper care, it still produces the best, most flavorful, and pure vapor among all the portables I’ve tried.

Buy another one

Critical Haze
The crafty is too expensive! With its competitors in tow, the crafty is hardly worth its price anymore. It is slower in terms of heat up time and prep time can even reach two minutes or so! Battery life is also not so good. The Crafty is being edged out by other portable vapes and although I loved mine since I bought it several years ago, the newer ones I now have can easily compete in terms of vapor quality. This is a quality device but if you are going to spend more than 200 eur on a device, then I’m sure you can get the same quality (also faster) at a much cheaper price.

Truly magnificent

Green Habanero
Superior vaping experience! You can immediately tell the difference. The Crafty is good for group sessions and utilizes the herbs efficiently so a small amount can last you for several sessions. It has a nice, solid build and you will have zero problems with the taste, temperature control, and no worries of the device getting hot. After over a year of using the Crafty, I still have no complaints and even after buying newer ones, I still come back to it as my favorite. It is a worthwhile investment that you shouldn’t miss. Trust me, it is a vaping experience like no other.

Good value

The cooling unit gets a bit dirty easily so it needs to be protected, especially when you bring it for a night out. Regardless, the crafty is easy to clean and to use. I love this vape and it has always been on the top of my list. My main problem with it is the battery life, which I think is a bit too short but this is something I can live with. I can also vape even while charging, which is cool, but I’ve only done it once since I don’t like the idea of putting something in my mouth when I know the device is still charging. This is a great device and the advantages far outweigh the cons of the Crafty.

High price but high quality!

Yeaaa Boi
Sweet vape! It did hurt my pocket a bit when I purchased the Crafty but all’s well that ends well, right? The Crafty is so consistent with its performance that I think it is more than 5 of the best portable vapes combined. Maybe I am exaggerating but this is how goood this device is. I usually bring it to parties and everyone always loves the crafty. Excellent, pure and potent flavor cannot be faked, and the vapor quality makes the crafty worth it. There is no mediocre vaping experience with the Crafty. This is a high-end product that everyone should be able to try.

My number one pick

No problems, no regrets and no complaints. The crafty has been standing strong all these years. If you ask me, it is still the best dry herb and concentrates portable vape right now. It feels comfortable in my hands and easy to bring enough everywhere. That way, I always get quality vaping wherever I am. It is also cool that I can vape while charging the device since battery life isn’t that long. I also like the app that has been really helpful. There isn’t much fuss about the crafty bec it was meant to be a straightforward device. The design is meant to provide optimum convenience and ease of use.


The crafty deserves a wow. It still has the best vapor quality out of all the portable vapes I have tried. It is handy enough and is a powerhouse. It is a bit of an investment but it can save you a lot in the long run, since this device is so efficient. It is also good for concentrates and easy enough to use when you use it for herbs. The crafty will still be there even after the cheaper portable vapes come and go. This is a quality device that all vaping enthusiasts approve of, and I highly recommend this. Know the difference between decent and excellent with the Crafty!

Good job Crafty!

This gets the job done! I love Crafty! Super vapor quality, accurate temperature control, good size, and an excellent, quality product all in all! In my experience, the Crafty is incredibly easy to use and the I get delicious vape clouds. Sessions with Crafty lasts around 20 minutes for me when I’m on full battery, which is already a good run. Temperature control is accurate and good and portability is also a step forward. The Crafty is also relatively low maintenance that is a huge plus for me who have problems with sitting down once a week to clean my vapes. Much less build up, less to clean.

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