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Avaliações de MagicVaporizers - O que os nossos consumidores têm a dizer

Total 4.5 em 5 estrelas. Baseado em 1323 Avaliações

Volcano Classic

Loving it por C64

I love this! Now I totally agree one hundred percent to the many reviews out there that the volcano classic is the best desktop vaporizer there is. It is! Oh my God, going through all the process and finally learning how to use it and having tasted its vapor for the first time, it was soooooo smooth! I am a huge, huge fan of Storz and Bickel and I just had to save up enough money to be able to get my hands on this gem. I do have portable vapes and I also enjoy how compact it is, but the vapor quality from the volcano is unmatched. Go, go for it!

Vaporizador MIGHTY

I recommend it strongley por Łorre

If you are the type of user who is particular about the heating process, i.e whether convection or conduction, well you might be happy with the Mighty who utilizes both process. After more than a year of using the mighty without any problems, I think there is one perfect word which describes it: efficient. I usually load 0.15g of herbs and that already gives me quite a lot of hits (more than 10!). The device can also last long with a great battery life, and you can use it while charging as well! I was really quite happy with that though I do not do it a lot. The mighty is accurate, efficient and crazy good. If you would ask me for a recommendation right here and now, I’d say ‘buy the Mighty’ in a heartbeat.

Flowermate UNO

The Flowermate UNO is the best in its price range. por Hampus

It really went the extra mile to provide users with variety and a solid performance. It isn’t the best looking vape out there nor is it the lightest, but it is portable enough to suit your needs on-the-go. Of course, aesthetics depends from person to person, but performance and function is undeniable. The UNO has really accurate temp controls and it is very instinctive and easy to use. Yes, no learning curve and you get warmed-up to the device easily, as if meeting an acquaintance who feels like you’ve been friends forever. Does that make sense? I hope it does but anyway, this is a solid vape! Recommending!

FocusVape Pro S Premium

Verry impressed por Swisch

Well i have to say the focus vape pro s is remarkable just had my first session didnt bother with the the normal mouthpiece i went straight for the bubbler n man it produces i wil say one thing helpfull though iff you want clouds remember to pack the herb down tight iff you just fill it and its loose you wont get what your afrer hopefully this will help some of you overall really good quality well made vapor with outstanding performance deffinatly worth every penny i would advise this to anyone and the customer care team are very helpfull to thumbs up magicvaporizers

Flowermate UNO

Good value por Znax

The UNO is really easy to use so it is perfect for beginners like me I do not have much to compare it with but just the easiness of figuring things out was already a big help for me. I like the flavor and the clouds that this vape produces. I do not have any problems with it and I find it really went beyond my expectations. Decently priced also. The controls are accurate and the battery life is good enough for me. I am really happy with the flowermate UNO and I would recommend this. You definitely get value for your money.

Boundless Tera V3

I like this vape very much. por Garwer

The Tera is good for long nights! You can immediately see it has big batteries that will be good for the long haul. And they’re replaceable too! Yey! It is now my preference to look for portable vapes with replaceable batteries since portability equals a shorter shelf life. Naturally, the swappable batteries are the best solution to this, so I carry a fully-charged spare when I go party or out somewhere. I switched to vaping to stop from smoking, and the Tera has been very helpful with this transition. It gives me cool hits and great flavor.

Volcano Classic

Expensive but good por Herman

Before you buy the Volcano Classic, you have to know what you want and what you are expecting. This is not some fancy portable vape that you can bring around, but it is the most reliable desktop vape in the market. Storz and Bickel are among the best in the business. There are a few annoying things using the volcano classic and it might take some time but all the wait is intensely worth it. The balloon technology is also an exciting thing to learn and use! It produces a delicios flavorful vapor that will have you always satisfied after a session. The only con to this otherwise outstanding device is the price and the complexity. 3 out of 5 stars!

Flowermate UNO

Good value por Vapman

If you like variety that comes at a decent price, then UNO is your guy. This vape is fast and performance is solid. Heating time is just around 30 seconds and it can accommodate herbs just as easily as extracts. I find that the magnetic cap for easily loading is really a thoughtful addition. Nothing bad to say about the vapor quality since it is very excellent. All in all, one of the most decently priced but excellently performing device I have tried.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

This is one of the best portable vapes I have owned por Nina

Oh my god the pax 3 looks like a million dollars! I have had two portable vapes and it is only now that I realized I have a thing for minimalist and sleek designs. This is such a compact and modern-looking device that even the design itself would have been enough reason for me to buy it. I have heard that inspiration may have come from Apple devices and I can certainly see that, even the packaging and charging. Regardless, this is a really beautiful device that can also deliver a solid performance.

Flowermate UNO

Good once you know how to use por Fundos

I have tried using concentrates because of the UNO. Prior to this, I’ve only used it for dry herbs. But hey, since there was a concentrate pad and I already had the device, why not? I now love the UNO because I get to try all sorts of vaping experience with it. I had to learn and adjust quite a bit to using the device but once I got the hang of it, everything was a breeze. I always get a cool and tasty vapor from the UNO and it has been my number one choice of companion for several months now.

Vaporizador MIGHTY

hnnNNNnggggg por Serious Sam

The Mighty is still the mightiest. Storz & Bickel really has invested in producing quality vaporizers that are hard to match in the market, even after several years and an influx of new vapes later. As for the mighty, vapor quality is what you would expect for the Storz&Bickel line – premium, unmatched quality. It is also very easy to use. I find it is best at 0.10 to 0.15g of dry herbs. Temp controls are accurate and I can get more than 10 hits for a 5 minute session. I have tried an array of newer vapes but the Mighty is still at the top of the list. The most satisfying session I’ve had that I can remember were all because of the mighty. Cheers!

Flowermate UNO

My new best friend por Wanda

The Flowemate UNO is like THE vape. It is a powerful device that you can feel and it produces dense clouds. Vapor quality is amazing and the heating time is fast. I find that loading is made particularly easy, thanks to the magnetic cap. This is very useful when Im tired and not really in my highest concentration mode. What’s more, it can cater to the preferences of many of my friends. Be it be herbs or oils, the UNO has got us all covered.

Flowermate UNO

Great vape! por KIM

One thing that I always consider when buying portable vapes is the upkeep. I mean, can you imagine having a small device and scratching your head to figure out how to clean it up and maintain it? The smaller the device, the smaller the parts. I am happy to announce that aside from UNO’s wonderful performance as a portable vape, it is also fairly easy to maintain. Of course it has a cleaning tool included in the kit but it is easy to get through the chamber, mouthpiece and other bits. Just don’t forget to do your upkeep every week or so.

Volcano Digit

Blows the other vapes out of the water por 420 Central

I’ve had the Volcano Digit for a year or so and even after that long, I still have no regrets in buying this amazing device. I can honestly say that after several years and having tried other portable and desktop vapes, the volcano digit still outshines many others in terms of performance and quality vapor. This is such a unique and reliable device that it is also quite fun to use and set-up. I also think if you are worried about your health or the adverse effects of vaping, then the volcano digit is an answer to your problem. The device offers smooth vapor that is of unmatched quality. The best! The best! I am sure after 3 years, I would still be saying the same.

Flowermate UNO

OK but not great por Sergor

I didn’t really like the material used for it. I mean first thought was: too much plastic. I did however give it the benefit of the doubt and looked around for other reviews. I was glad I did because it did help me get sorted on eventually buying the flowermate UNO. I now think it is a workable device and it really has accurate controls and a really satisfying vapor quality. I mean, of course, the “too much plastic” is still something I’d have preferred changed but what do I know. At least I got a vape that gave me my money’s worth.

Volcano Classic

Performs above my expectations por Jikes

After I bought the volcano classic, I got so excited at finally unboxing the device that I spent hours going into it! This is not an easy device but it is the perfect choice for me. I do not go out much and I use dry blends. My priority has always been vapor quality and boy oh boy does the classic produce the best vape and densest clouds. It is simply one of the best vaping sessions I’ve had. It is stationary so I am always (gladly) in the comforts of my own home. The volcano classic is exactly that... a classic vape that can never go wrong.

Flowermate UNO

This device is a winner. por Manne

One of the things I have started to consider about portable vapes is the battery, considering I am travelling most of the time and don’t have time to plug and charge for hours. There were quite a few portable vapes that were a pity, considering that most features were perfect except it did not have a removable battery for added portability. This is why I am very happy with the Flowermate UNO. Such a powerful device and my biggest concern about charging is good as solved! Comes with USB cable charging plus an 1800 mAh battery that can be replaced. Functionality and vapor quality are all beyond expectations.

Flowermate UNO

UNO Dos Tres por 10-pointer

The UNO is impressive. It is very fast and has a good battery life in comparison to other portable vapes. This device has certainly kept up with the needs of vape users, since it has tried to accommodate for both herbs and oils. It also has a water adapter, among other new features. It is instinctive, meaning easy enough to figure out. Not to mention its portability makes it perfect for everyday use and travels. Using this device for months, the UNO has never let me down yet.

Flowermate V5.0S Pro

Whorst taste ever por RorRito

How can anybody say that the taste is good ? It tastes like a used bong. Really disgusting dude ..

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Powerful device in such a small body! por Philipe

Truly, great things come in small packages. I hold the PAX 3 in high regard because it met and exceeded my expectations. First impression is that this is such a solid and smart device. Experimented with the mouthpiece to get a feel of both options, though did not sense much difference. I’m okay with both. Good to know I can use concentrates on the device anytime, but haven’t really gone around to it. Also played with the app for a while to also get a feel of the difference. If people ask me for simple vapes that are beginner-friendly, I instantly recommend PAX 3

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Close to perfect por Blue Lobster

I am definitely giving the PAX 3 my all out support! I honestly believe all vape users deserve this kind of a vaporizers and its complete set of accessories. First off, the PAX 3 works a ton better for dry herbs than it does for concentrates, though the latter also fares well. The device is beautifully designed with classic tones, LED lights, haptic feedback and a solid finish. Unlike other vapes, the app is actually quite useful. Though I am not sure how I feel about depending on an app for a more accurate function. I would have liked to be able to fully control my vape with the buttons, but I guess that’s the trade-off with having such a minimalist design.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Perfect. por Jimbo

I super love the pax3. For someone with an outdoor lifestyle, this device is perfect for me. People may consider me a cliche because I love hiking and grab a smoke after letting my lungs rest awhile. I know how to pace myself. Anyway, I recently switched to vaping. When I go out, and because I’m a light traveler, I like things that can fit snuggly inside my pocket and backpacks. So the size of this vape is a match for me. Also very happy with the function and how easy it is to use. The pax3 is simple and intuitive, so you can sort of figure things out for yourself. Also, battery life is good enough that it can last me a day (not thorough use though). Five out of five stars!

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Easy to expensive por TropicalShade

This device is really pricey. I think that was enough to make me think twice about buying the device. Of course I wanted the complete kit which meant I had to spend more. But of course, already going through the videos and reviews made me even more excited to get my hands on the pax 3. I must say the device is really worth it. Everything is easy with this – easy to bring, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to charge, easy to load, and easy on the eyes. I have nothing but praises for this device. The cost made me think twice about the purchase but I have no regrets that I ended up pushing through with the purchase.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

It could probably run Crysis on Ultra por Boc

Fits perfectly in my palm and in my pocket. For this reason alone, the pax3 is not just literally handy, it comes with me in many of my out-of-towns and adventures. I am an outdoor kind of person so this is really a great, portable device. Very solid too. The pax 3 looks durable and I kid you not, it IS very durable. I dropped mine two times and it still functions perfectly. If you are looking for a device that will be worth your money, then the pax 3 should be on the top of your list. Plus a 10 year warranty? Holly molly, of course I’m impressed! A manufacturer is clearly confident with the product if it is willing to give a 10 yr warranty. Anyway, definitely hands down to this awesome vape!

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

One of the best products I have ever brought por Coal

Taken a few weeks to get the hang of it, now 100% happy! Battery lasts me all day and I use it all day too. If your a smoker it will take a little time to get the hang of it, i get more stoned and I use less to get there. The smell of vaping is a lot cleaner than smoking and makes it a lot more portable and safe. Only thing I would get extra is a 3D pusher and a carbon wallet to keep it in. Had mine for just under a year and works like new. Would like to think it’s added 5-10 years more years to my life. If it breaks tomorrow, 100% would buy another pax 3

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

My praises! por Woddy

I would willingly choose to spend a few extra for this awesome vape. This sweet device has a 10 yr warranty and a really impressive performance. Battery is good, weight is light, portability and design is one of the best in my opinion, and vapor quality can match with other vapes. The pax3 is a purchase that so far, I have no regrets. I’ve had this for a month or so and I have no problems with it yet, and honestly, not particularly worried bec 10 yrs warranty yo! The features of the pax3 is also very exciting. Tried both mouthpieces though have yet to try the concentrate insert. Again, so far, this device is worth it!

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Almost too small! por Jack Herer

I have a very small and almost unimportant complaint haha. Temp ranges use colors instead of numbers, for quite some time, I had to keep peering into the manual to check which color mean which temp. Anyway, again this is such a small matter. This is a problem when you switch to a different device, you have to get acquainted to new buttons and new features. This is just at the start. Now, I am very comfortable and adeppt at using my pax. This is actually one of my favorites. Not the best vapor quality, but definitely has a fighting chance.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Definitely happy with Pax3! por Wilja

I always worry about the cleaning and maintenance of a vape whenever I make a purchase. Vapes that are difficult to clean can be a bit of a burden, especially because not getting it thoroughly cleaned will have an effect on the taste and smell of the vapor the next time it is used. So I always inquire about how low or high maintenance a device is when it comes to cleaning. This is why I was contently happy with pax 3. Their maintenance kit works fantastically and easily! It has a metal tool and rough pipe cleaners that gets the job done. No one ever looks forward to cleaning their vapes, but some devices make life our lives easier.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

This device is one of the best! por Harry Plopper

PAX 3 Produces smooth vapor and works excellently for dry herbs. The lid can be replaced so you can choose between a full bowl and a half-pack bowl. I think the makers of PAX3 really know how to listen and respond to the needs of the vaping community. This little but powerful device packs in a punch and really makes a good impression. It is very easy to use and easy to figure out, reason why many are also recommending this as a first vape. I truly agree!

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Hats off! por Mäkelä

The pax 3 is a premium device. It is at the top of its game and gives its competitors a run for their money. I personally love the pax3 and always enjoy vaping with it. I have three vapes that I use interchangeably depending on where I am, and the pax 3 is always my choice when I am outdoors or when I am travelling. This is a great stealthy device that can pass off as a powerbank or something. Choose the black matte and it will look like just another pen marker in your bag. Functionality is also at its best despite its size.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Better get one vape for each use por Unknown

First thought when I learned that the pax 3 accommodates both dry herbs and concentrates was: oh boy, this is going to be bad. Haha. I mean, I still purchased it because look at how sleek and portable that thing is! Anyway, I usually use herbs so the dual-use function wasn’t really going to affect me since I won’t need the concentrate insert. Always had this guess that dual-use vapes usually comes out as a failure. I mean, you can only be good at one thing, especially something this size. Well, in a string of events, I did end up using the concentrate insert and it was quite decent, though not sure if it will be consistent in the long run. For the half-oven lid however, it is always a spectacular session. Overall, great vape!

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

4/5 por Purple Widow

Well, I have to admit I found it a pity that the PAX 3 did not have replaceable batteries. I mean, it would have been already perfect as the vape on-the-go if it allowed for replaceable batteries. Other than that, no problems with the PAX 3. Battery life is actually good and decent, and its new method of charging is exquisite. Really, the PAX 3 is a trend-setter for new vapes in the market. Im sure many more will have this new way of charging soon enough. Portability is great, function is great, and the device is simple, straightforward, and solid. Pleading for a rechargeable feature soon, but as it is, the PAX 3 is already great.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Getting too hot! por Flanders

I use the pax 3 at high temp and I was a bit disappointed that it did get a bit hot. Well, not too hot but still uncomfortable and a bit irritating. It happened after a week of purchase and I do not even use it extensively. This is a small matter but of course, when it happens, it really bothers me and lessens my enjoyment. Other than this, everything works well. Vapor quality is good and the device produces a large amount of vapor. I wish they can do something about the device getting hot when used at high temps. I sort of expected I wouldn’t have this problem since I paid quite a lot for this.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Small, easy and cloudilicous por Peppos Bodega

I am really impressed with the pax 3. For social occasions, it is fun to bring around and use. The battery life can also last me the entire night so I have not yet encountered running out of juice. I think there aren’t enough words to express how happy I am bout the discreetness level of this vape. From the looks, to the smell. It also has amazing functions and accessories that are to die for! I even spent an entire afternoon just checking out the accessories and replacing them, trying them on the device. It is always an enjoyable and fun experience with the pax 3.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Overall, this is a winner. por Ratatat

It is difficult to find fault in the Pax 3 because it really is a solid device. Everything works just as it should, even more! Vapor quality is flavorful and heating time is impressively short. Battery life is also very good and design is brilliant. Temp ranges works just fine and even the app is a key to more experimentation. I love how extra the Pax makers are that they even decided to put a led-based game. I haven’t gotten around to trying that but I still find it amusing that they even thought to have it in the design.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

A portable powerhouse por Untz Untz Untz

There is so much to be happy about this device! I was thinking of buying either this or the firefly 2, but decided on the pax 3 because of its dual-use and a handful of other useful accessories and features. Also, the look of the device is really just appealing to me. Anyway, aside from having a 10-year warranty (10 years! I had to make sure I was not misreading the number!), this vape gives a very good impression and great performance. It’s heating time is less than 30 seconds, charging time is just around 90 minutes, and it can last for around nine sessions. This portable vape definitely rises up to the need and occasion.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Just my style por Louis

Look-wise, the pax3 looks stylish and without the messy buttons I’m accustomed to in many vapes. Holding it in my hand, the pax3 is a perfect fit, feels glossy and looks modern. It is very easy to use this vape, with loading, figuring out the buttons and vaping. Really a good vape to start with for beginners. The pax3 comes with a lot of choices such as options for mouthpieces (flat or raised) and its capacity for both dry herb and concentrate use. Tried both the mouthpieces and using both herbs and concentrates and I’m happy to say the device does not disappoint. This is a consistent, solid device that will give you value for your money.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Good for newbies por Jofunk

I was going to complain about the bluetooth app except I ended up loving it so much! It comes with four modes that I found really helpful and convenient when I want to priorities battery life. I get consistent hits and flavorful vapor with the pax 3. Very happy with it and no complaints so far. It is also very easy to clean so maintenance is not a problem (unlike other vapes, though no name dropping haha). It is portable, slim, and the size and weight is very appealing to me. Very easy to use so also recommending to those just figuring out the world of vaping.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Not for me por Finnish Viking

Hmmm do I regret buying the pax 3? Well, sort of, but not because it is THAT bad but because I should have read and watched more info about it than just rashly buying it. I was initially drawn in with the portability because I usually choose the cute, small, smartly designed vapes. What I found was a smart device, yes, but not for me because the batteries are not replaceable and I don’t think vapor quality was good enough. Cloud volume isn’t that much as well, even at high temps (tried with all temps) and I had to take a long breath to take hits. For something so pricey, wasn’t at all impressed. However, this is still a device with its own identity, just not compatible with me.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Simply awesome por Dopamine Dave

The pax 3 is amazing! I have no problems loading the herbs, using it, maintaining it, and cleaning it. The entire cycle of using this device is really easy and simple. I like how it doesn’t have too much complications. It has many features and accessories, some of which I have not even tried but I’m looking forward to using. I have only used the narrow mouthpiece and will get to trying the other one. I am also happy with the little things such as the vibration alert, the lights, the durability, and the design. Performance doesn’t lag far behind. Indeed, it is not the size but the performance. The same is true for pax3.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Does the job perfectly! por Winnie the Vape

My considerations for buying the PAX 3 is not only the look, which is amazing, but also its functionality. I decided to invest in the complete kit after reading reviews that many accessories are only available in the much more expensive package. I know it is good to out your money in things that can last you a long time of great service, so I ended up buying the PAX 3. I have no regrets and I still prefer this vape as my go-to device whenever I am outdoors. I use the stealth mode to couple the already discreet look of the device when I am in public places.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

I am recommending the pax 3 100%! por Funion

For beginners, this is really an ideal vape to start with. It is easy to figure out and there is a lot of room to learn and discover what you like. Cutsomization settings have a number of combinations so you will definitely have fun trying them out. I am glued to my phone so it was convenient for me to have an app. I think it is a useful tool. I also get smooth hits and flavorful vapor from the pax 3, and loading and cleanig is really simple and easy.


Small size and small production por Othani

This needs some getting used to if youre coming from a cloud chase device. It doesnt need much more than that, if Davinci gets to fix that issue, they will for sure make the perfect vape. This thing is near perfect as it is. With a little more tweaks they will have it for sure. The style they put on it is very good too. The flat mouthpiece helps with the stealth is great, also not something you see common. That being said, this vape is very fashionable and stealthy. You can bring it out of your pocket and people wouldnt know its a vape. The style is also classy because of the minimalistic design it has. Some have issues with the battery but for me it is not much of an issue because you can easily charge it or replace the current ones with another set.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Expensive but fantastic por mulloG

I love how extra the makers of PAX 3 got when it made the device. They made such a sleek and simple looking device but went wild with the accessories and customization settings. The PAX 3 is continuous proof that we should not underestimate on the basis of size. This is a great device that wows with both form and function. I am of the opinion that this vape is among the top 5 portable vapes in the market today. It offers so much despite such a stealthy size, and its battery life ensures you can go to places without worrying about your devices shutting down on you. I am highly recommending this!


Tiny like a keychain thing por Trötter

Patience is a little something you need with this, because of the battery, nevertheless the product is very good. The style is amazing, the color options are great, and the performance is very good. If you can see past the 90 minute charge time, and the short battery life, this vape should be on top of your to buy list. If you need more battery I suggest you get the IQ.


Easy, fashionable and functional por Xzam

Happy with the purchase, wish i got it sooner so i didnt need to explore other vapes just to find out this is the one i really needed. Its very simple to use even a first timer wont need much time to figure it out. It has several colors too so you can easily find the one that suits you, like i did. (I got the black one) Also worth mentioning, its tiny. But it gives very smooth and flavorful vapor.

Vaporizador MIGHTY

Astonishing por Underhouse

My favourite part about the Mighty Vaporizer is its efficiency in delivering the full effect of herbs. It extracts the full flavour and aroma of herbs and you get to enjoy a greater feeling of relaxation. Mediocre quality herbs turns better with Mighty Vaporizer and high quality herbs turns into an incredible experience for the user. I’d recommend this Vaporizer 10 out of 10 times to all those I know, everyone should definitely get a Mighty Vaporizer (and some dosing magazines!) as soon as possible.

Hydrology 9

Expensive but good por Claude S

This is fairly expensive, but quality does come at a cost. I mean, I have zero regrets after buying the Hydrology. Until now, it still gives me the best and most enjoyable vaping sessions. I did own a vape once that caused irritation in my throat, and contrast that experience with the one I get with Hydrology and I am reminded why I decided to go with a quality product. It does not combust the herbs and it produces a cool, light vapor. This is among my favorite vapes I use it regularly.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

I am definitely recommending this! por The Mountaineer

Perfect for solo sessions and for people who travel a lot. I really like the design and the way that the pax3 looks. It has an app that I find equally as useful and a haptic feedback that adds to the convenience. Heating time is also quite fast and battery life is long enough for my needs. This is one of the easiest and most convenient vape that I have, and I pack it with me when I need to go to places. For my preference, the pax3 is more than enough. I like the vapor quality as well, because it is smooth and cool.

Vaporizador PAX 3 - Kit Completo

Could be better. por Skelet420r

Nah, I think for its price, many other vapes are worth it (pay 50 eur extra for the mighty!). I tell you what, I bought the pax3 because I wanted to try such a compact and portable vape. It is good when I go to parties and travel but there are a few disappointing features. Also one thing I disliked is the long draws I need and the very poor amount of clouds that I get.